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"Having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of ourselves, all those imperfections that we don't even want to look at."
~ Pema Chödrön

A Psychology of Awakening

Holistic Counselling is a unique synthesis of Western Humanistic Psychology, Essence Work Diamond Approach, and Eastern spiritual traditions developed by renowned therapists and teachers, Turiya Hanover and Rafia Morgan.

Its methodology draws on self-inquiry, non-directive therapy, somatic experiencing, shadow work, object relations, the wisdom of Enneagram, and various meditative and mindfulness practices in order to reconnect with our innate ground of peace, wisdom, and meaning, so that we can become whole again. 

By cultivating awareness and understanding the map of our own personality structure, we will be able to recognise and acknowledge our unconscious mechanisms and survival strategies. These automatic programs usually keep us in a constant state of inner conflict, and hold us back from our inner potential. Once understanding takes place, transformation and true healing becomes possible. As we let the light of awareness shine on even the most rejected aspects of ourselves, we can make conscious and constructive changes in our life. By having the courage to be vulnerable and exposed, we come to realize that there is nothing, but absolutely nothing wrong with the way we are. Therefore, we cannot and need not to be fixed. Most of the time we are just 'out of date', repeating survival childhood strategies as grown up adults, longing to be accepted, approved, and loved. And by whom? Well, very often by the one whom is the most difficult to love, the so called 'Me'.
As Adysashanti says,"The person you will have the hardest time opening to and truly loving without reserve is yourself."

The golden flower of this inner alchemy is a new depth of compassion, self-acceptance, honesty, and a sense of fresh aliveness, where we re-learn to trust in our very existence, and meet both the rewards and the challenges of life from a resourced body, clear mind, and open heart.

Authentic self-discovery and embodied psychological work are not merely personal projects, but shared human responsibilities. Our individual state of consciousness impacts the whole on a much larger scale than our mind can ever imagine. Silence, inner peace, emotional maturity, and the capacity to relate soberly to difficulties are no longer some abstract spiritual ideas, but globally needed values in our ever more demanding and disconnected world. 
Private sessions


Private sessions provide a safe, confidential field, where we can explore and discuss the areas of your life that need care and support. The sessions are rooted in compassionate, therapeutic presence. They are attuned to the unique needs and psychodynamics of each individual. Together we establish a foundation for the nervous system (mainly through mindful breathing, body-scan and visualisation), from where we dive into deeper layers of the psyche. My method is to help you feel comfortable with uncomfortable emotions, to create corrective experiences that heal, inspire and transform. 

As our ability to stay present with 'what is' stabilises, our reactions will naturally be transformed into positive responses, relevant to 'here and now' situations.  Furthermore, we also invite humour, creativity, active imagination, and the intuitive power of the right hemisphere to be our companions. They remind us that ultimately we are not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be discovered and celebrated.
Girl Running in Field at Sunset
seeks to support you in the following areas:
  • Inner Strength and Authenticity
  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Disempowerment and Hopelessness
  • Rediscovering Purpose and Meaning
  • Shame and Guilt
  • Boundary setting
  • Self-esteem, Self-confidence
  • Life Transitions, Decision Making
  • Professional and Career Issues
  • + any other areas that are relevant to you


facilitates integration and harmony to improve inter-personal communication, and to resolve issues within intimate relationships. It is essential to relate in a non-violent and constructive way, to see why arguments escalate, and to learn how to resolve conflicts. The sessions include working with disowned and shadow parts, such as projections, denials and defence mechanisms.

inner man/inner woman


is based on Jungian psychology which teaches that each man has within him a feminine side (his anima) and each woman has a masculine side (her animus). Understanding the dynamic between the anima and animus, and learning how to embrace both sides can bring powerful profound insights, equilibrium, a sense of 

wholeness, and lasting transformation to intimate relationships.

inner child


sessions create a warm and loving environment, where the vulnerable and often very young parts feel safe enough to reveal his/her innermost secrets, sorrows, and longings. The powerful approaches of Compassionate Inquiry and Somatic Experiencing provide a grounded, embodied, and delicate way to trauma healing. When we unleash our inner child, we regain our capacity to look at the world again with fresh and wondrous eyes. We rediscover our authenticity, and get fully engaged in doing what we truly love.

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