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My main area of interest lies in healing unresolved emotional  wounds, and learning how waking up from limiting, unconscious mechanisms can be in service of waking up to our innermost consciousness, to the unconditioned nature of our Being. 

All my life I have been interested in the mystery of the unknown and the phenomenon of self-discovery.
As a child I loved to observe everything and everyone around me, subsequently developing a great love of inner reflection and a deepening interest in the human condition. During my introspective teenage years I was on a quest to unearth the root cause of human suffering, and understand the foundation of true happiness and inner peace. 

This unquenchable passion for truth and authenticity led me on a path of self-inquiry, self-discovery. 
traveled from India to California, studied and practiced various therapeutic approaches, mediative techniques, and spiritual traditions. As a result my life changed radically, and the essential requisite of being firmly rooted in the presence of the heart got revealed.
After years of study and an ever-increasing capacity to love and appreciate life in all its many complexities, I now find myself humbled and empowered to share my insights and inspiration with others. Consequently, I have created these holistic counselling sessions, of which I am most passionate. Here, the healing power of therapeutic presence supports transformation and integration in a safe, unconditionally accepting, and genuine environment. 

My main interest in the field of counselling is trauma healing and learning how psychology can support us on the journey of awakening. In Sufi terminology this is known as 'polishing the mirror of the heart,' and this is the very core of my work; to help understand our inner map, recognise our survival strategies, and be able to open the door to the heart, where compassion and healing abide. Using this method, we reconnect to the unconditioned nature of our true essence, 'The Pearl Beyond Price', rediscovering our innate source of joy, wisdom and clarity. 
In my experience, for true and lasting healing and transformation, both psychological and spiritual work are essential, and if I have discovered one thing on my quest, it is that compassion is the key to every healing modality. 

Qualifications & Trainings 

       - A Psychology of Awakening 
       - Relationship Counselling Inner Man/Inner Woman Work
       - Deepening the Lataif Diamond Approach Work 
       - Aspects of our Essential Personality: The Pearl Beyond Price and the Point of Light
  • Compassionate Inquiry introductory course with Dr. Gábor Máté
  • Trauma and Awakening Core Training with Dr. Gábor Máté and A. H. Almaas
  • Working with Complex Trauma: Untangling Somatic Wounds with Peter A. Levine and Dr. Diane Poole Heller
  • Awakening Compassion & From Fear to Fearlessness course with Pema Chödrön
  • Silence Retreats, Self-Inquiry and several Online Courses with Adyashanti: Redemptive Love; I am That; Fierce Love; The Philosophy of Enlightenment; The Psychology of Awakening; The Revolution of Being 
  • BA Diploma in Middle Eastern Studies – Arabic Language – and Art History
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