“Something in us aligns with an inner ground of authenticity when we are real. ” ~ A.H. Almaas


Holistic counselling is primarily designed for those who wish to enter into a committed and long-term therapeutic process, however, it is also possible to schedule a single session.
While sessions are currently offered via Zoom and FaceTime in English and Hungarian, at times it is also possible to schedule in-person appointments in England and Hungary. 
I believe that the therapeutic fit (the relationship between client and counsellor) is one of the key factors in the success of the therapeutic process, therefore i offer a 15-30-minute free introductory consultation, where we have a chance to meet before you book your first paid session.
  • 15-30-minute free consultation
  • 60-minute Individual Sessions:
    • Single Session - 80 £/€
    • 4 Sessions - 300 £/€
    • 8 Sessions - 560 £/€
  • 60-minute Couple Sessions: 
    • Single Session - 110 £/
    • 4 Sessions - 400 £/
    • Sessions - 780 £/
To book a session please contact here.


Appointments cancelled with less than 24-hour notice and missed appointments are charged the full session fee.