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"We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world." 
~ Dr. Gábor Máté 


I warmly invite you to pause, take a deep breath...and slowly breathe out.
Sense your fingertips on your keypad, and bring your awareness to your feet on the ground. 
How does it feel to simply slow down for a moment? To inhale deeply. To exhale fully. 
Isn't it miraculous, what one single conscious breath can do? Shall we take another one? A deep, slow breath, in and out. 
You might even encourage the corners of your mouth to slightly curve up into a smile. Yes!
And now ... another pause ... another smile.
Thank you for joining me on this short, yet profound mindfulness exercise. Personally, I definitely feel more present, more alive and connected. And you? How do I find you today?

Sometimes it is so easy to ignore and forget what we hold inside, until as Marc Nepo says, "The day comes when the risk to remain tight as a bud becomes more painful than the risk to open up." 
If you feel the time has come to take the risk to open up and discard the tight costumes of your past, the limiting conditionings, and the armour-like defences that have clouded your own pure aliveness, the empowering truth, and the vulnerable softness of your own compassionate heart - then welcome! 
Welcome also, if none of the above makes sense to you, if you don't know where to even start from, and yet you do know deep down – perhaps when you close your eyes – that there is a restlessness, a sense of lacking or something you can't put your finger on, yet it is making you more disconnected, and slowly but firmly numbing your life out.

Thank you for considering this journey of self-discovery, and contributing to the rising of our collective consciousness by taking responsibility for your own mental and emotional health, your personal growth, and your spiritual embodiment.

This site serves as an invitation to integrate body, mind and soul. The approaches presented here provide support to journey into a greater depth of self-acceptance, openness, and trust, so that you can treat your own self with the same sincerity, unconditional warmth, kindness, and love that you offer your truest friend.

I look forward to sharing the rewarding gifts of holistic counselling with you. I will be here, supporting you as you adventure into the vast presence of your own Being, where life is fulfilling, genuine, authentic, and meaningful - to You, and consequently, to all those around you. 


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Realising your innate potential

Establishing true connection


Integrating Feminine & Masculine Aspects


Cultivating self-compassion


Jacinta has incredible warmth, empathy and her passion for this work shines through. She creates a safe space for us to work in, whether face to face or online. This helped me to connect and open up.
I urge you dive into this work with her, it's been life changing for me!

- K. H. (UK)

Although I had done years of self development previously, nothing has come close to the healing, insights and awareness I have gained through the sessions with Jacinta, it has been life changing. It is such a rare gift to find a therapist who works so gently from the heart with so much care and wisdom, who is deeply intuitive, and rooted enough in silent presence that she could allow my process to unfold in its own way, while being deeply supportive. I started my journey with Jacinta full of unmet emotions and trauma, projecting onto my relationship and disconnected from life. Now through this incredible work, I am learning to love, accept and fully meet all the wounded parts and unmet needs, and I am now starting to see the change this is having on my life, in the way I parent and how I am in my work with others. Each session has led to a deeper grounding in who I am, feeling safer to ‘be’ who I am in the world, this is such a gift.

- Roxana N. (UK)

Jacinta helps through her many gifts to ground one's soul in absolute presence and from there to ask the right kind of questions. She is a solid rock of consciousness and compassion ready to hold space for whatever emotion needs to be expressed. Her holistic and animated approach to inner-work allows simplicity and clarity to guide the sessions without losing focus. She facilitates each journey with and open and understanding heart and keeps you on track of your alchemical transformation with her depth and intuitive wisdom. I've been a returning client for 3 years now and I cannot thank enough the deeply enriching and enlightening experience that each and every session has given me.

 - Eszter M. (HU)

I have been doing holistic counselling and inner man/inner woman work with Jacinta for a year, and the work with her has been life changing. Her gentle guidance, empathy and loving attention allows me to open up easily and comfortbly, and to visit even some of the deepest, most difficult places in myself. Our sessions have helped me to see myself and my life in a new light - going through smaller or greater transformations, integrating different parts of my being, meeting my inner man and woman, and journeying into what lies beyond the personality and beyond words. 
I full-heartedly recommend her to anyone who is willing to embark on self-discovery
and is looking for a safe and loving space to do it in.

- Dóra R.Cs. (UK)



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